Fortune 50 Move to Consumer Directed Healthcare
The Situation
A Fortune 50 company concluded that, in order to get control of its spiraling healthcare costs, it needed to migrate its management employees from traditional healthcare plans to a Consumer Directed Healthcare Plan (CDHP).
However, in the current climate, that company’s employees are likely to assume that any change to their healthcare plans is a negative. Furthermore, management employees will perceive that being put in control of healthcare decisions is a frightening proposition.

The company wishes to obtain the cost savings of CDHP. At the same time it needs to mitigate employees’ negative perceptions of the changes, give employees the tools required to use CDHP effectively, and improve the health and wellness of its workforce.

The DCS Health Solution
DCSHealth has the solution to this company’s dilemma. The core of the DCSHealth application, is its ability to engage individual employees in their ongoing health and wellness:
  • On one platform, HoIP™ can present both traditional and CDHP plans, integrate to the providers, and allow the company to manage migration.