Corporations Team Up for Better HealthCare
The Situation
One or more corporations wishing to gain control of healthcare costs and at the same time improve the health and wellness of their employees are collaborating with product or service providers, such as pharmaceutical companies, pharmacies, and health clinics.
The sponsoring companies are convinced that Consumer Directed Healthcare Plan (CDHP) is the way to go.

Consumer Directed Healthcare puts the individual in control of making healthcare decisions, including where to spend healthcare dollars.

However, although the consortium recognizes the waste inherent in healthcare today and the opportunity to improve the situation by empowering employees to take control of their healthcare, it cannot find the tools to effect the transition to CDHP.
The DCSHealth Solution
The multi-client DCSHealth platform offers the perfect set of tools:
  • On one platform, HoIP™ can present both traditional and CDHP plans, integrate to the providers, and allow the companies to manage migration.
  • The HoIP interface, in particular the menu system, can be customized to emphasize whatever health or wellness programs the consortium wishes to emphasize. This could include preventative care, diet and wellness, chronic care, or other aspects of care.