Driving Health Awareness with DCS Health
The Situation
An organization in tune with public policy to encourage individuals to take a greater interest in their wellness wishes to deploy a user-friendly platform that organizes the growing universe of wellness information on the web in a highly personalized and relevant manner. This could be a public organization that wishes to use the platform to drive awareness and use as part of its policy agenda. Equally, it could be a private corporation wishing to participate in the trend and drive use of its own wellness programs, such as its own diagnostic or preventative capabilities.
The DCSHealth Solution
The DCSHealth platform is a perfect fit for this need. As with other HoIP™ applications, the public wellness environment engages individuals in their ongoing health and wellness, empowering better-informed decisions and improving health, wealth, and happiness:

The HoIP interface — particularly the menu system — can be customized to emphasize whatever wellness programs the organization wishes to emphasize: preventative care, diet and wellness, or other aspects of wellness.

The HoIP interface can easily present a multiple-sponsor environment, which might be particularly desirable in a public situation.

A “members forum” will allow sponsors to share learning and enhance the program.