Embracing Tools to Reduce Healthcare Costs
Not only is the U.S. healthcare cost rising dramatically, but three-quarters of spending is for chronic conditions — diabetes and congestive heart disease, for example — and the number of individuals with chronic conditions is growing rapidly and expected to top 150 million by 2010. Effective wellness programs that encourage individuals to manage their health and wellness proactively offer huge potential to intercept chronic conditions in their early stages and reduce the cost of chronic care dramatically.
The New Accelerator
Internet trends of user-generated information, whether in encyclopedias such as Wikipedia, or in communities (blogs and forums), offer the solvent for a breakthrough in healthcare management. However, this cannot occur until the time when consumers can be efficiently and effectively directed to relevant information and conversations on a just-in-time basis.
Despite the fact that this apparently simple task is fraught with technical and market complexities, DCS has, with its Empowzer™ platform, created the tools that not only enable, but energize activation. Further, DCS's flexible Health over Internet Protocol (HoIP™) service suite offers corporations, policy organizations, and public websites the ability to deliver a customized solution to their audiences and bring the promise of next generation healthcare to reality.