As healthcare costs continue their unabated rise, it is widely believed that solutions will present themselves if individuals are empowered to manage their own health and healthcare purchasing decisions.
This view is rooted in the American belief that free markets drive efficiency and effectiveness. Millions of dollars have been spent with overall results mixed, at best. With numerous success stories, we are approaching the tipping point between the era of passive consumption and that of active participation.
Right now, five mega-trends are converging to make that tipping point occur:
  • Individualization of medicine: Physicians have begun tailoring solutions to the physiology of the individual they are treating as well as the disease they are confronting.
  • Emergence of extraClinical care: The acute care model is slowly giving way to a model in which individuals manage their own health, outside of a clinical setting.
  • Proliferation of information: With more people collaborating more often about more subjects, there is unprecedented growth in knowledge.
  • Deployment of the data infrastructure: Everyone is connected to and through the world-wide-web.

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