• Social networking: People increasingly use the web to become part of communities where they search for answers, validation and support.
The Person-to-Person Connection
As these trends evolve and unite, traditional approaches to health and healthcare will become irrelevant: Today’s revelation will quickly morph into yesterday’s news. The volume of information and the pace at which it will grow will present a challenge to both data aggregators such as WebMD and to the individuals attempting to access that data.
Where do you go for answers?
Whom do you trust as the authoritative source?
How do you stay current?
How do you tailor the search to the specific requirements of individual solutions?

People, as they have done for ages, will continue to turn to one another. The basic human need to communicate with one another, to interact with a group is manifesting itself on the web in social networking sites such as YouTube and MySpace. People will increasingly turn to similarly constructed sites in healthcare: to make sense of what they are finding out about their health, share what they have learned and search for validation of their ideas and, on a more fundamental level, of themselves.

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