DCS Health: Healthy Employees. Healthy
“DCS Health gives corporations the ability to do something great for employees and save money while doing it. It immediately struck me as the answer corporate HR departments have been dreaming of ever since the concept of consumer directed healthcare was first introduced.”
— Earle Mauldin
Former Chief Executive Officer, BellSouth Enterprises
DCS takes on the healthcare cost management challenge full force with it's revolutionary Empowzer™ platform. The company’s first product offering, DCS's Health over Internet Protocol (HoIP™) applications embody the company’s commitment to apply emerging technology to business and social spaces by making it easy for organizations to deliver healthcare information and options to their employees.
Founded in 2006 with headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia, DCS is a well-funded technology business with patents pending on key technology breakthroughs, a strong management team and a deep investor/partner bench. Development stage funding has come from telecommunications and Internet executives who are focused on the application of next generation technologies to business spaces that can drive major social and financial change over time.
DCS Health draws its name (Disintegrated Communication Systems, LLC) from two core beliefs: first, the key to accelerating adoption of consumer-driven health lies in better, more relevant, and more timely information; second, that robust supplies of information already exist (albeit disintegrated) with in the participatory Web.
The DCS service design is substantially complete, and the company is in discussions with major corporations, not-for-profits, and political organizations interested in utilizing the HoIP product for a range of wellness and healthcare applications.